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Mary Weitz

I began my PT with Dr. Troy Factora and his excellent staff after recently having (3) surgeries in 2 &1/2 months. After being a nurse for 42 years and a recent injury, I became very sedentary and had much pain for the better part of (2) years. I was anxious, not sleeping, weak, and short of breath. I didn’t know how to proceed.
Dr. Troy’s compassionate care goes far beyond any physical therapy I have ever received. His brilliant perspectives stem from his extensive exploration into healing modalities. He gently encourages the needed physical changes that support his clients figuring out how to help themselves. By developing better life habits and movements, we can heal our struggling minds and bodies. He definitely knows and appreciates the human form and helps his clients understand the subtleties that promote healing on all levels.
I am most grateful for this support and feel like I have a partner in developing my healthiest self. I am moving more, sleeping better, and having little pain. I have hope again. It was my good fortune to choose Dr Factora and Theraplay for my physical therapy. I have received so much more than I ever expected. I consider it a blessing and I look forward to each and every visit. I am creating my healthier future walking forward with balanced and sure footing and a stronger body.

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