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Spine Rehabilitation


Spine Rehabilitation is the flagship of our programs. This is reflected in our mission: to provide healing in the community through a holistic approach and manual therapy, spine rehabilitation the way it should be.


There are various segments in a spine rehabilitation program. These are exercises, positioning, manual therapy, manipulations, mobilizations, postural stability, bracing, taping, traction and modalities. The key component of our Spine Rehabilitation is Manual Therapy. This is how we engage the patient’s awareness of movements, facilitate elongation and removal of restrictions, release soft tissue and fascia. Although we can perform spinal thrust manipulation, it is NOT our only form of manual therapy.


Active and passive mobilization is our go-to manual approach to spine rehabilitation. Another special concept is the holistic approach–we always consider the spine as a stack of bricks wherein movements and dysfunctions in a certain segment can lead to alteration of forces and alignment on other segments.


Spine Rehabilitation at Theraplay also blends with the Pain Management Program. Spine Rehabilitation is utilized for patients suffering chronic spine issues, post op spine issues, chronic pain sufferers, acute injuries and other impairments of the spine.

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