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Myofascial Release

The traditional myofascial release that we know is all about the clear fibrous bands of connective tissue that we attempt to soften or release. This is NOT the true myofascial release.


Myofascial release is holistic, penetrates deep into the emotional components, memory of tissues, experiences and trauma. The pioneering work of John F. Barnes, a PT (Myofascial release by John F. Barnes), established the true essence of myofascial release. If each cell is surrounded by a fascia, we are covered by fascia from head to toe. Even our bones are fascia. A calcified fascia. The fascia in our body keeps a record of everything. Memory, trauma, emotions and the freedom we long for. The mechanics of releasing the fascia is NOT by force but by time. The physiologic changes happen via the gentle simmering force applied on the body while the patient is focused, centered and mindful. Trauma sits inside of us. Trauma is not just breaking something. Trauma is emotional, psychological, chemical, surgical and skeletal. Let us help you find the release you have been looking for.

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