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Janet Schaefer

I spent years visiting a host of very capable doctors and specialists who ultimately either dismissed or were baffled by my increasing - and increasingly debilitating - symptoms. I was left feeling defeated and convinced that I must be either lazy or crazy. But at my first visit at Theraplay I realized the approach was going to be totally different. Not only did Troy believe and validate what I was describing, he was tuned in to things that other providers completely overlooked. And he immediately connected dots that no one else had ever put together before.

After about 2 years of regular physical therapy I also added functional medicine about 6 months ago, which is ramping up my progress at a much higher rate. My ability to function and participate in life is returning to a level I haven't experienced in years. Troy is a huge blessing to me, as he is giving me my life back; I am incredibly thankful for him and his staff. My only regret is that I didn't start coming sooner.

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