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I came to Dr. Troy not because I was in pain but because I had digestive issues and most recently burning mouth syndrome. Google it! It’s a thing.

After visit one, Dr. Troy’s manual therapy fixed my issues with nausea. I’ve suffered for years with that.

After visit two, Dr. Troy helped my burning mouth to go away. Something that I’ve been suffering with for a couple of months.

I’m still a work in progress. We are using functional medicine to fix my digestive and reflux issues that I have suffered from for years.

While I am not the normal physical therapy patient, I trust Dr. Troy and his osteopathic expertise. He is helping me with each visit. I still have more healing to go through but am extremely optimistic based off of 2 of my issues having been resolved already.

What I appreciate most about Dr. Troy is that he actually listens to you and understands. And he remembers everything about your particular situation. He comes to each session with a full understanding and a plan. I’ve never had a doctor like him. I appreciate him very much. So grateful.

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