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Bess L.

I have worked hard and intensely all my life…. Really my personality is part of this. I valued over-working. There were snipes and hints of back and leg pain for a dozen years. I worked to CONTROL mild sciatica 10 years ago. In packing up and moving a relative October, 2021, I really over-exerted and brought down the whole house of cards, which is my two herniated and one crack disc, on November 2, 2021. I could not stand up that morning, the pain was so severe and had to be transported to the hospital with help from two ambulance technicians. Was very confused and in pain for months, but did not take anything stronger once I got out to the hospital. One back doctor, not to be named, really encouraged spinal shots immediately. I was cautioned by a physical therapist and another back doctor that the shots can cause: an increase in blood pressure and deterioration of the bone and muscle around the shots. With Dr. Factora and Dr. Gettlefinger’s encouragement, I have done exactly as they have suggested. I cannot believe how well I feel today. I was told this might take up to 18 months for POSSIBLY FULL RECOVERY with NO SURGERY and I am over half-way there, no shots, no surgery and I feel 70% healed. I think I will get to a very high level of healing IF I continue to do all the suggested steps… which actually make me feel better overall. Thank you, Theraplay.

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