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Our Founders

Dr. Troy Factora



Dr. Troy Factora was born and raised in a suburb of Manila, Philippines. He credited his parents Tomas and Manuela Factora for teaching him the value of education, resilience, compassion and helpfulness. His father grew up from a poor farming family in the northern province and later finished schooling to become an accountant. His mother, the eldest sibling of six, also came from a poor family, became a teacher to help her own family. Dr. Troy learned the spirit of competitiveness at an early age while keeping in his heart the value of compassion, understanding, and kindness. Dr. Troy is the eldest of three children.


Dr. Troy graduated from De Lasalle University, earning his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1994. He embarked on a journey leading him to the US that same year as a travelling PT. After six years of working for hospitals and outpatient clinics, he then started a self-employment career in 2000. Dr. Troy established and registered Theraplay LLC in 2001, crediting his three kids, Josh, Tricia, and Megan, in naming the company.


From his many engagements in the healthcare system, he continued to search for techniques and intervention patterns that would help patients holistically. With mentorship and advice from physicians and other healthcare practitioners, he continued to refine the skills of manual therapy, alternative medicine and holistic health. In 2014, he earned the degree Doctor of Osteopathy (DOMP) and in 2016 earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). His many certifications, including Certified Wound Specialist, Certified Dry Needling, Credentialed Clinical Instructor, Strength Training Specialists, are just the tip of the iceberg. His specialty lies in touching people's lives through a mind and body concept of healing, touch, and therapy. The core values of Theraplay reflects his mindset and culture.


Dr. Troy credits his parents, siblings, and children for their unending support, guidance, inspiration, and patience. But for every man’s success, there's a woman behind: this is where Eme comes in.



Eme Factora



Emelina (Eme) De Jesus Factora was born and raised in the province of Cavite, Philippines. She came from a poor family where the value of education was imparted on the children to have a better life. She is the second child of four. Her mother was a hardworking dressmaker and her father helped out in the small family business.


Eme enrolled at De Lasalle University for a Physical Therapy degree. To help herself during schooling, she collected and bought schooling necessities for women, such as shirts, stockings, etc. and sold them to college students at the university.


Eme earned her degree of Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy in 1989. She became a Department of Physical Therapy faculty from 1990 to 1995, teaching Electrotherapy, therapeutic exercises, neuroanatomy, physical therapy assessment and special tests. Eme also became head clinical supervisor for PT interns.


In 1996, she emigrated to the US with Josh (2) and Tricia (1) when Dr. Troy went back home to bring them over. After one year, they had their baby Megan in Evansville, Indiana. Eme stayed home with the children until they started elementary school. She went back to the therapy profession as an early intervention pediatric physical therapist which eventually led to the opening of Theraplay LLC.


Eme has successfully utilized her PT education to establish a career and a company. She was able to propel herself in what has challenged her the most: the healthcare business. Since the opening and establishment of Theraplay, Eme has been the brain behind the business processes, systems, and operations of Theraplay. Theraplay’s core values reflect her culture and mindset especially, family. She has always been a “quiet giver” and credits this value to people who have helped her in life without any word or something in return. Eme is the current COO and CFO of Theraplay LLC.

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